Outside of my regular job, I offer freelance help in a variety of different areas, just contact me if you are interested:

Soccer Coaching / Training
I have been a soccer fan since I began playing at 8 years old, and have been blessed to continue to be around the soccer community as my brothers grew up and played at the elite level and collegiate level. I am a formerly certified referee and currently hold coaching certificates for 6-14 years olds, as well as specialized training for goalkeepers.  Licenses – NCYSA Level F, NCYSA Level E, NSCAA Advanced State Diploma, NCSAA Goalkeeping Level 1


Long-Term Childcare
Need to get away for a weekend or a week? Grandma can’t come to watch the kids? You have some teens or preteens who are fairly independent, but need an adult to make sure they don’t burn the house down? I am available for as long as 6 days to supervise the house, make sure everyone gets off to school, gets their homework done, eat decent meals, and don’t burn the house down. Based on my work and church commitments, there are some limitations, but I have done this previously for 2 different families for 5 to 6 day periods, as well as extended weekends.

Technology / Software Instruction
I am an avid technology user and can provide training in basic computer use, core Microsoft office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) as well as basic functionality training for  Adobe creative suite products (Photoshop, Dreamweaver).

Internet / Website / Social Media Consulting




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