Snake Oil of the 21st Century

Now that the internet is getting older, and storage space is cheaper, I am disturbed by how much old information is still out there and being referenced, particularly in regards to research. Was reading an article today about how teens use the internet, and by the 2nd paragraph I was thinking, this is wrong, this isn’t focusing on the right things, their perspective is wrong. I finally get so frustrated, I look up the date of publishing, it was 5 years ago, no wonder, but it was linked from a current article.

When new information was hard to come by, bad information was predicated easily if the source appeared to be legitimate, think of the snake oil salesman of the late 1800s, and the doctors of the 20th century who claimed that nicotine actually had health benefits. I am a little bit disturbed that even now, in our age of instant information, that bad information and bad perspectives can continue to be persist, when new information is instantly available.

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