People don’t think like this anymore…

After John Adams was selected as ambassador to France, his wife wrote to the congressman who selected him “And can I, sir, consent to be separated form him whom my heart esteeems above all earthly things, and for an unlimited time? My life will be continued scene of anxiety and apprehension, and must I cheerfully comply with the demand of my county?”

They decided that Abigail should remain in the United States, but decided that their 10 year old son John Quincy Adams should go “for acquiring useful knowledge and virtue, such as will render you… an honor to your country, and a blessing to your parents.”  This was in winter of 1777-1778, leaving from Boston, and since there was a war going on, they had to sneak onto a navy vessel to be escorted to France, and the journey would be expected to take as much as 8 weeks.

People just don’t think like this anymore…
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