My Future by Mark Oestricher / Kurt Johnson

This is a devotional aimed at middle school students – I read them because I never recommend a book to a student that I haven’t read.

First, apologize to God because every wrong decision is an insult to God.

Your “physical self” plays a role – it makes the first impression on someone. So if you walk into a room and you look dirty, you smell like Taco Bell or you have birds nesting in your hair, then people will decide stuff about you.
The problem is that some teenagers never wrestle with their faith. They coast into and through their teenage years with the same faith and belief’s they had when they were little kids. But in reality, an eight-year-old’s faith doesn’t answer all of the questions or address all of the issues that a 17-year-old must face. So many teenagers fade away from God because they’re going through life with a faith that doesn’t make sense anymore.
Lots of churches spend more time talking about how to “Be a Good Kid” than how to have a real relationship with God. – that stuff gets pretty old by the time you’re in middle school and high school. If teenagers don’t have a faith that helps them connect with the real God who loves them and knows them, then it’s just a list of do’s and don’ts.
…And since church is supposed to be a community ( a group of people that knows and cares about each other), it’s tough to “try” other churches where you aren’t a part of the community yet.
Lots of people believe church is just somewhere you go. In reality, church is something you be.
Did you know that the worst advertisement for God is people who call themselves Christians but don’t live like Jesus
Your life really does have a purpose. It’s to love God will all of your heart and to love people. People are God’s greatest treasure. Think about this: You’ll never look into the eyes of someone who God isn’t crazy about. And while you’re living out your one and only life, God wants you to love those people, too.
You probably know some people who don’t know about God’s gigantic love for them. You can play a key role in helping them understand. If you take a risk, that is. You can care for people who are hurting. You can help people who are sick or in need or “on the outside.” You can help them understand their death is not the end.

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