Lead Small by Reggie Joyner / Tom Schefchnuas

A great short book about Leading Small Groups, particularly youth small groups.

If they can’t be their Monday through Saturday self when they are with you in group, they will have a hard time applying their faith in everyday situations.

If they can’t share their doubts in community, they will dwell on them privately.
If they can’t ask you their questions, they are going to ask someone else.
If they don’t admit their struggles to someone, they will never experience the power of bringing things to light in a way that facilitates freedom and forgiveness
Let them know that you are planning to show up in their kid’s life predictably, and randomly, that will help avoid awkward questions later when they see a stranger…show up at Johnny’s baseball game to cheer him on.
Let them know your goal is to help their child grow in authentic faith.
Let them know that you want to help them win as a parent.
I know what you’re thinking. And no, your small group of three-year-olds does not count as your “community”.
You are the “grown-up” for your few. You can share appropriate pieces of your life at appropriate times but your few cannot be expected to fuel you in the way your own adult group can.
Nobody can be a substitute: husband, father, friend, son, brother
Be real. Find ways to relate to your few without compromising who you are. Because it’s more important for them to see a real, live person that is still growing, learning, and trying to live out authentic faith than it is for them to have another friend.

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